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Moving, renovating, decorating, updating can be lots of fun and lots of work.  There are so many great ideas out there relating to curb appeal, furniture choices, small space design, color, gardening, and other details.

I have a Pinterest page with a variety of Boards devoted to different home ideas.

  • Oxford: all things Oxford, Mississippi and Lafayette County
  • Cool Spaces: these are ideas on great small and large, indoor and outdoor spaces where you can enjoy yourself, your family and your friends
  • Curb Appeal: how do you make your house stand out without standing out?  This Board is full of ideas relating to the details of the front of your house that make it beautiful all year
  • Moving Tips: I’ve moved over a dozen times in twice the years. Each time I become more of a pro but that doesn’t mean it gets any better.  That’s because each move is unique.  This Board tries to address the needs of each move and provide some clear, helpful ideas from check lists, packing tips, stress relief, and tips for moving with children and pets.
  • For the Home: for now these are things that I have saved aside to consider for my home but I’m happy to share them with you.  It is an ever evolving board so open the sites I’ve pinned that seem interesting to you and read them now.  I may delete them in another week and you’ll miss out.
  • Home Styles: Simply, it is a Board about Home Styles from Frank Lloyd Wright styles to Colonial to Craftsman and more.  This Board is growing.
  • Garden/Outside and Garden Apps: Two separate garden-themed Boards direct you to ways to organize your garden, make over-sized yard games, make furniture to fit your patio, plant in pots, landscape with flowers, and more. The gardening apps are ones I’ve tried and like, although there are so many others available for Android and iPhones.
  • Coastal Inspiration and two other beach related Boards: Got a beach home that needs decorating?  Like beach related jewelry, art, clothes, sayings?  These Boards are for you so feel free to peruse for pleasure.
  • College Dorms and College: my children are students so I’ve collected many articles about college, classes, etiquette, careers and more.  I’ve also collected dorm room decorating ideas.  Enjoy these for your own use.
  • Schooling: I have moved with my family over a dozen times and my school choice made the transition easy.  School choices are always on the top of the list of concerns when families move to a new town.  I have links for the Oxford City and Lafayette County schools on this website.  If you are interested in homeschooling and want to know what kinds of things you can do with your children in a home school, then this Board is for you.  Filled with lots of ideas for mostly older children, you should get an idea of what families do at home.  Also, find my art and art project Boards for more school ideas.

Eileen P. Saunders, Realtor
TM Realtors
2092 Old Taylor Rd., Suite 101
Oxford, MS 38655

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