Moving Made Easy

No doubt, moving can be stressful.

Not only am I a REALTOR, but I’m also an expert at moving short and long distance.  I’ve moved by myself. I’ve move with a husband and a dog long distance while I was pregnant. Then we added a move with a baby, and another with two babies and a dog.  I have moved to a new state blindly, without an address waiting my arrival.  If any of this sounds like what might be in your near future, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I can help make your  move to or from Oxford a little less stressful.

There are great ideas about Moving on the internet; Pinterest has the most available. But each move is unique, everyone’s situation and “stuff” is unique so, while you can use the packing ideas and the first night box information, look over the checklists ahead of time and make sure there is nothing, unique to your family, that is missing.

Please go through my Pinterest Board “Moving Tips” for some helpful hints.

Eileen Saunders, Realtor
TM Realtors
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Oxford, MS 38655
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