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Best of Mississippi

Mississippi Magazine’s July/August 2015 issue lists the best of Mississippi voted on by readers. Statewide voting declared that The Best Downtown Area belongs to our sweet town.  Other “Best” designations for Oxford include:

  • Best Blue Plate and Corn Bread are @ Ajax Diner
  • Best Bookstore @ Square Books
  • Best Breakfast @ Big Bad Breakfast
  • Best Dessert, breadpudding @ Oby’s
  • Best Fair or Festival is, no doubt, the Double Decker Arts Festival
  • Best Flower Shop is Oxford Floral
  • Best High-end Women’s Clothing store @ Village Tailor
  • Best Historic Site is Rowan Oak
  • Best Iced Tea is found at Oby’s
  • The Best Performing Venue is the Gertrude Ford Center
  • The Best Italian Food is at Old Venice
  • Best Pizza can be ordered up @ Soulshine
  • Folks voted the Best Weekend Trip is to Oxford

And the Best Place to Live, of course, is Oxford

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What’s so great about Oxford, MS?CAM02691

  • Selected #3 – Ten Best Places to Retire in MS; Oxford is a Mississippi Certified Retirement Community
  • Fastest Growing County in MS (Lafayette)
  • Retail Sales over 1 Billion in 2014
  • Highest Per Capita Income in North Central MS
  • Unemployment rate 4.6% – lowest in the South
  • Ranked Top 3% Nationally in Economic Strength (
  • Recognized by TVA as a “Gold Sustainable City”
  • Home of one of the Finest Universities in the World – University of Mississippi, founded 1848, host to the 1st Presidential Debate of 2008, now houses students from 93 nations, ranked #28 on 50 Most Amazing College Campuses 2015

Want to live here?

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Home Inspections

When buying a house you want to be sure to get an inspection.  This is important because the home inspector can find all of the little and big issues that you’ll need to know regarding the the building’s structure, plumbing, heating and air, roof, and more.  Be sure to place the home inspection as a contingency item on your buying contract. Include a time frame for having an requested repairs to be completed. Include whether the seller should pay all repair costs or if you, the buyer, would consider paying for some. This contingency gives you an “out” if the inspection finds a flaw that is too big or expensive for you and the seller to want to deal with.

home inspection

If you suspect mold in the house, you may need to hire a mold specialist. Most home inspectors do not include mold tests in their line of work.

Your home inspector should provide a written report with photographs of the problem areas for clarity.

Once you receive the report, go through it and decide what is considered annual maintenance and what is a hazard.  Decide what you would like the seller to repair, and what you will repair. Be careful in this step.  Some requests to the seller could be a deal breaker and you’ll find yourself house hunting again. Put a time frame on your repair requests and once these are done to your satisfaction, you can release the home inspection contingency from your contract.

Realtors are professionals and have the training to guide you, the home buyer, through the buying process.  They are not inspectors, however, and cannot tell you what to repair and what not to repair. That is a decision you will have to make. Your Realtor is your advocate and has all of the proper knowledge and the paperwork available to handle the contract, contingencies and other concerns that home buyers have.  Consider hiring a Realtor when you look for your next home.

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