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Scavenger Hunt Idea Through Oxford, MS

Here’s a way to get a group of friends together and have fun outdoors: hold a scavenger hunt.

There are many things you can put on your list to check off, or find and take back to the group: business card of an attorney, a yellow cupcake, an acorn, an item in a shoe store made of wood.  Tons of ideas can be found on Pinterest.

Did you know there are 43 historical markers in Lafayette County?  Some are on the University of Mississippi campus while others are inside the city of Oxford. More markers exist way out in the county. Why not do a search including all of them?  Benefits of an historical marker hunt include:

  • having fun with friends and family
  • getting to know your county’s geography
  • teaching younger family members how to read a map
  • learning valuable history of the area
  • getting out of the house or dorm room

You can find the list here. Now go find them and read all about why that spot is important to local history.

How long will it take?  Plan to spend the whole day. Start early, take photos of each one. Don’t forget that while most signs are one-sided, some have information continuing on the other side. Since many are within walking distance of each other, consider a walking tour. Stop for lunch to talk about what you’ve found. If you have a large group going in separate cars plan to meet up mid-day to share which ones you’ve located.

As with any scavenger hunt you do, be respectful of property including neighboring property and businesses. Park in designated areas. Be aware of traffic and stay safe when you approach a sign, that sits near a busy road, to get a photo.

The Blues Trail Marker, located in the city of Oxford, is one of many related to the Blues Trail around the state. Finding all of them might be a cool day trip in your region or definitely road trip for several days. Check out the map for a complete list. Plan to visit the blues museums as well.

Have fun and comment below when you’ve done your search. Be For more ideas on what to do around Oxford download the list of 100 Things To Do Oxford MS 2017 #100ThingsOxford

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National Go On A Field Trip Month

Field trips are not just for school children.

October is National Go On A Field Trip Month. Field trips are wonderful ways to get outside, go do something different, explore something new. Take a field trip with a friend, family member, group or some kids.

There are plenty of places in Oxford MS to go on a field trip. Here are some:

Outdoor field trips can be educational. Take a journal or art book with you. Don’t forget your camera and binoculars. This month in Oxford go to one of the many parks, tour Rowan Oak, Cedar Oaks, Historic Burns Belfry and more. Take an historic walking tour, a walking tour of haunted landmarks, or walk the tree trail. Get some exercise along the Bailey Woods hiking trail or the Whirlpool Trails.

Indoor field trips can keep you busy, too. Visit the political archives of Mississippi at the University Library. Check out the latest exhibits at the University Museum or investigate the Blues Archives on campus.

Other field trips can include participating in the open nights at the UM Observatory and the monthly art crawl through town. You can always explore history with a visit to St. Peter’s Cemetery.

There are plenty of things to do in Oxford…plenty of field trips to take around town. Pick up the list of 100 Things To Do In Oxford, MS Fall 2017 at the Visitor’s Center on the Square or download and print a copy here.

There are also plenty of day trips outside of Oxford that you can take as well. Find some ideas here.

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Get Organized Week – October 23-29

Get Organized Week is here.

Do you have a stack of boxes in the garage that you don’t know what rests inside them?

Does your home office desk look like you left the windows open during a windstorm?

Is your closet so full you cannot see what’s in there?  Has the cat been missing for awhile?

Now’s your chance to make an effort to organize. But I suggest you don’t attempt to organize everything…pick one part of your life and organize.

Here are some ideas.

  1. a family emergency binder
  2. a filing cabinet
  3. your kitchen utensil drawer
  4. the coat closet near your front door or mud room
  5. the cabinet under your kitchen sink
  6. your bathroom cabinetsclutter-360058_1920
  7. the shed
  8. the trunk of your car
  9. the top of your desk
  10. one book case
  11. the refrigerator
  12. the deep freeze in the garage
  13. the storage boxes stacked on the left side of your garage
  14. your shoe collection

If you need to organize your entire life and feel overwhelmed, try this:

  1. purchase a spiral bound notebook or get out a binder and some loose-leaf paper
  2. each page needs a heading such as, kids bathroom, attic, husbands car, business tax receipts, photo albums etc
  3. to avoid being overwhelmed start on page one of your spiral bound notebook and tackle that item. make a specific list of what it might entail to organize that item. If you opted for the 3-ring binder and loose-leaf pages add alphabetical divider clutter garage-shelves-storage-organization-20-1024x695indexes and organize your list alphabetically. This is how I do it and find that I stay on track because alphabetical organization keeps me from thinking too hard about what might be more important.
  4. attack the list from beginning to end doing one thing at a time. There shouldn’t be a priority since you let everything get this far out of hand, right?
  5. feel relief when an item is complete. Put a big X or smiley face across each page that is completed.

Take baby steps to get it done.

For more tips comment below with questions on my blog or Facebook page.

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How Many Times Have You Moved?

How many times have you moved in your life? Count the times you moved as a child into that number.

My adventures have included 20 moves in my adult life and 4 as a child. This does not include moving to college and back home since my main residence was my mom’s house during that time. That’s 24 total moves and I’m definitely not done yet.  I started in Towson, MD and currently live in Oxford, MS.

Can you beat that?  I’m sure many of you can so share your number with me and my readers stating where you started and where you are right now.  It’s fun to learn people’s moving habits and where they go.

Here is a map of my major moves. Screenshot_20171010-124313.jpgAs you can see, I’ve mostly stayed south of the Mason-Dixon line.  Some states I’ve moved in and out of a few times.  Several involved multiple moves within the area so I can’t place them all on this little map. These short moves were times we went from a rental to a home we purchased.

Moving is an adventure. The logistics are just a beginning. Then there are people involved; new friendships and business associations. New things to do can keep you busy. I have generally viewed each new location as a vacation, or a stay-cation, but one that is fresh and new.  If you view your new home as a place you may never get to again, you will be more apt to take the time to explore.  For example, neither my husband nor I expected to stay in Illinois very long or ever need to get back to that part of the country so we made sure we went to Chicago and St. Louis. We visited small towns with history along the Mississippi. To make sure I got a particular state on my bucket list, we made day trips or weekend trips out of the way so we could cross a state line.  We hit some state parks, historical centers, ate local food we knew we wouldn’t eat again and found ourselves in some cool places.  When the next move opportunity came, we didn’t regret not exploring.

Find out what there is to do in and around Oxford (if you live here) by downloading the “100 Things To Do In Oxford MS Fall 2017”.  Check this list of day trips, too. See how  many things you can do before your next move.

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100 Things To Do In Oxford Fall 2016

There are so many things to do in Oxford MS this Fall that I made a list. It’s my seasonal list of 100 Things.

100 Things To Do In Oxford MS Fall 2016

While most of the things to do on this list are year-round activities, this Fall there are special events highlighted. Mark your calendars so you can attend them.

Click the photo below to download the list. And while you are checking it off, take a picture of you and your friends at each event or location and hashtag it to #100ThingsOxford.

design (5)

You can also find 100 Things To Do In Oxford MS Fall 2016 at the Oxford MS Visitor’s Center.  While you are there, pick up some brochures to find out more about these things to do.  Don’t forget to grab the walking tour and the tree tour.  For the hauntings list, check out’s updated article.

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Have fun this Fall in Oxford, MS.

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Tips to Winterize Your House Now: Exterior

It’s August 1st in Oxford, MS.

You know what that means?  Football season is almost here.

You know what else that means?  You will probably not want to do any weekend chores around the house once football season

I know that winter seems so far away but it will creep up on you. So, why not work these next few weeks and get the house in shape for winter. Then you can relax in your recliner or stadium seats

Here’s how to winterize the exterior of your house **  …

  1. Look at the exterior of your house and take note of the following:
    1. Are the windows and doors caulked sufficiently?
    2. Is the weather-stripping on your doors and windows in need of updating?
    3. Are there any exposed water pipes?
    4. How many exterior faucets are there?
    5. Do you have an irrigation system?
    6. Is the roof old or are there some areas of shingles that should be inspected?
    7. Do you have a pool?
    8. Is any part of the wood trim on your house soft, cracked or rotted?
    9. Are your wood shutters soft, cracked or rotted?
    10. Are the rain gutters full and overflowing when it rains?
    11. What about the outdoor kitchen?
  2. Once you have answered these questions, decide what you can do and what you will need to call a contractor to do for you.
    1. Purchase supplies for the items you are going to work on.
    2. Call your contractor, painter, roofer, irrigation and pool specialist now to get on their schedule list.
  3. Make of list of the items you are going to do and write next to each item the date you plan to tackle that task.
  4. Mark your calendar for the dates your contractors have scheduled appointments.
  5. Once your tasks have been completed, enjoy the football season.


If you plan to caulk your own windows and have never attempted this before, consider a class at the local building supply store. Home Depot in Oxford and Lowe’s in Batesville usually hold these type classes for their customers. *


Close your exterior doors and feel for drafts. Shine a strong flashlight around the door and, with another person on the other side of the door, decide if any light shines through. Examine the current weather stripping and make note of its condition.

If you can feel a draft, see a light or observe damage, now is the time to make repairs. Waiting until you actually feel the cold air coming through your house will only cause more cold air to enter your home since repairs will be made with the doors or windows open.


Insulate them now to avoid freezing and bursting later. Pipes under your house should be insulated as well as any exposed garden faucets. Exposed pipes in your attic are at risk so don’t overlook these.


Before they sell out, purchase insulated faucet covers now so you’ll be ready when the cold sets in.


Your irrigation system needs winterizing to avoid broken underground pipes. Call your irrigation specialist or garden/landscaper today to make sure you get on their schedule list when they winterize. All businesses operate differently but according to my irrigation specialist, the equipment they use is only available to them for a scheduled time. Also, after a point in the season it is difficult to do the winterization of irrigation pipes, as I understand, so you really should not wait too long to get this scheduled and taken care of.


Typically, Oxford gets a lot of rain in the winter. Take a good look at your roof now. Address any issues, such as broken or missing tiles/shingles. Get this taken care of now before the real rainy season starts. It will be easier and less costly to make repairs now then after a leak is detected inside the house. And if a leak occurs, be sure to paint the ceiling in the room that leaked, once the ceiling dries.  Over time, that once-damp area will show a water mark that will leave questions when you try to sell the house later on. If you do sell your house, remember to disclose that there was a leak but it was repaired.


Unless you drain it annually, now is the time to call your pool service company to schedule winterizing. It is never a bad idea to have a professional inspect it, too, for cracks including pipes.


The damp air and rain in Oxford causes damage to wood trim and shutters. Schedule your painter now to take care of any issues you see. He or she will probably want to wait for the weather to cool down because weather affects paint quality, to some degree, so now is the time to talk about the work you need done.


Are your gutters still clogged from seeds and pollen that collected during the spring? Trees will start shedding leaves before you know it, including pines.  Make sure your gutters can accept rain from your roof so clean them out now. Maybe this year, install gutter covers so you won’t have to do this every year.


Include shutting off the outdoor sink along with your irrigation winterization so the pipes are empty and not at risk. Insulate any exposed pipes associated with the sink. Depending on what else you have in your outdoor kitchen, take note and make arrangements to have it ready for the cold weather.  You may not have to do anything, but consider now the things you will have to do.

Eileen Saunders, REALTOR with Tommy Morgan Realtors, 2092 Old Taylor Road, Oxford MS 38655 662-404-0816/662-234-5344 Equal Housing

** Always consult a professional if you are not sure what to do. These items listed in this article are only suggestions and any winterizing activities you choose to do on and around your home is strictly your decision.  I cannot be held accountable for the cost or any unsatisfactory work that was performed.

*Neither Home Depot not Lowe’s have any affiliation with this blog or the writer. Photo copyright (C) 2016 eileensaunders. All rights reserved.

Summer 2016 “100 Things To Do In Oxford MS”

It’s here: the Summer 2016 edition of “100 Things To Do In Oxford MS”.

Download it here.

Then have fun this summer.

2016 Summer Things to Do brochure

2016 Summer Things to Do brochure 2

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Out of this World Property

So you want to buy property but can find anything you can afford.  There is nothing on this great Earth of ours that fits your budget. What do you do?

You could save more money, build, visit your mortgage banker for advice, keep searching or buy something out of this world.

Yes, there are companies around the world that can sell you property on Mars, Venus, one of Jupiter’s moons, our Moon, or somewhere else located in the heavens above.  These include Lunar Embassy, Buy Mars, Moon Estates and more.

I’ve searched around for you already and starting at just $15 (Groupon deal this week, limited time only) you can own an acre of property on Mars. The usual price starts around $35. For other celestial properties you’re looking at $99. You get a map, deed, photos, and more.

Now, getting there might be a little difficult.  It won’t be an easy commute so you have to keep looking here on  Earth for a realistic place to live. You’ll have to plan ahead for travel and weekend getaways might be out of the question until further technological advances in transportation (like “Beam me up, Scotty”) are made but, through one 045company, you can purchase an extraterrestrial passport to use once you lock in your ride.

Is this legal? Well, you can check out the legal basis for the ability to sell space property on the Lunar Embassy website.  It’s an interesting story.

Purchase directly from these companies, if you wish. They do not use real estate agents. However, if you want to look at property in Mississippi, North Mississippi specifically, give me a call.

You know the phrase “I’ll give you the moon”? Well, here’s a way to give someone the moon, or part of it. What a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of any company mentioned in this article. I am a licensed real estate professional in Mississippi.

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100 Things To Do In Oxford Winter/Spring 2016

(edited at the end…)

It’s the new year and there are new things, and old, to do in Oxford Mississippi.

100 things title page


This is my seasonal list and includes 100 things that are available for both residents and tourists to do in our great little town.  This list will be updated June 1, 2016 for the summer.

Please post on Instagram all of the things you do from this list and use #100THINGSOXFORDMS so I can follow your adventures.  My account is Be sure to follow me as well.

Sure there are more than 100 things to do if you get to the details of specific stores and restaurants but I’ll let you pick which stores to shop and in which restaurants to eat.

A lot of spring events are not posted at the time I published this list. If you know of any more things to do, let me know in the comments below.

Click this link for a 2-page printable pdf:  Things to do winter spring edition 2016

This list is also available at the Oxford Visitor’s Center starting January 4.

Have fun!

EDITED: Oh! I can’t believe I forgot the following things to do:

  • Oxford Science Cafe: once a month at Lusa Bakery sponsored by Ole Miss Physics Dept.
  • Sustainable Oxford Speaker Series
  • Oxford Craft Beer Fest & Food Show March 5
  • Rebel Man Sprint Triathalon April 3
  • World Championship of Old Time Piano Playing Contest and Festival May

2016 Things to Do brochure update-page-001

2016 Things to Do brochure update-page-002Eileen Saunders, Realtor with Tommy Morgan Realtors, 2092 Old Taylor Road, Oxford, MS 38655. 662-404-0816 or 662-234-5344  Equal Housing

Selling Your House and Keeping It Clean

You’re selling your house!

Chances are you will live there until it sells. Maybe you have children, a dog, a home office.  Maybe an elderly parent lives with you.

How in the world are you going to keep it clean to show it while you still live there?

Not all of us can afford regular house cleaning services so we have to do it ourselves.  If you are selling your house consider having a major, one-time cleaning done before or just as you get the house listed.  It will make a big difference to how the house shows and  it is well worth the expense.

It is not enough, in many cases, to just tidy up the place. A home buyer is going to inspect everything. If the kitchen is greasy, the bathroom has soap scum, the livingroom floor is coated in pet hair, or the bedrooms have unreasonable clutter, the home buyer might wonder if the house has been maintained over the years.  A one-time deep cleanse might help eliminate this concern.

A home inspection will tell what maintenance issues exist but if the house is filthy, the home buyer might not consider making an offer and checking out the home inspection report.

Once a deep cleanse is done, it should be easier for any home seller to maintain the house while it is on the market.  There are many places in the house that get overlooked by the seller once that cleanse is done so read below for a list of areas around the house to pay attention to until you move out.  This list comes partially from but I’ve added a few of my own ideas based on my own expertise.

  1. Kitchen: drawers, pantry floor, refrigerator, dishwasher, gas cooktop.  These are areas that home buyers inspect. Nothing is grosser than grease and food particles stuck to the inside of the dishwasher door near the seal, or in the microwave or refrigerator. If these items are staying with the house, keep them clean. Keep food and boxes off of the floor of the pantry so people can see how much extra space is inside.  Crumbs in the kitchen drawers can also be a turn off. Send the home buyer away with a good feeling about the house.  The last thing they want to think of is how much cleaning they’ll need to do to get into the house so make it look move-in ready. A quick wipe down after use will  keep it clean.
  2. Ceiling fans, hanging lamps, light bulbs: These are huge dust and spider web collectors so be sure to keep watch on how much dust is overtaking them after the “big clean”.  Don’t leave the home buyer with the impression you have a spider problem because of the hanging webs from the lamps.

    Can you see the spider webs?  A home buyer will and wonder if there's a spider problem in the house.
    Can you see the spider webs? A home buyer will and wonder if there’s a spider problem in the house.
  3. Behind the toilet: a very overlooked area because no one wants to reach back there. This spot collects hair, dust, pieces of paper and more, so keep it dusted.
  4. Laundry room: if the machines are staying, clean them. Keep the floor dust- and lint-free.
  5. Bed Skirt: my dog lies next to my bed at night so I have dirt and dog hair on my bedskirt from her furr. This is one area that I have to keep clean and if you have a pet, take a look at your bedskirt. It should be easy to launder so be sure to do it regularly and keep the home buyer’s eyes up to look at the room, not down at the dirt.
  6. Windows: again, I have a dog. She puts her nose on my windows to look outside.  Dogs and little children can leave windows less than sparkling so if you get a call for a showing, be sure to wipe the smudges before leaving the house. It’s quick and easy to do.
  7. Shower curtains: mildewed shower curtains can leave a smell that someone else will pick up on. It may leave the home buyer wondering if there is a mold problem in the house so before you put  the house on the market, change your shower curtains.  If you have shower doors, check the sweep at the bottom of the door for mildew. These are easy to replace and available at your local home improvement store.
  8. Kitchen cabinets: you might not notice the greasy hand print or the smudge of syrup or grease splatter on your cabinets but a home buyer will and it is a turn off.  Once you have the deep cleanse, get into the habit of a quick wipe-down each night after loading the dishwasher. It’s a good habit to get into and you can stop the dirt build-up with daily attention.
  9. Bathroom sinks: wipe down each  morning when you finish getting ready for the day. Then you don’t have to worry about cleaning for the next showing.

If you get into the habit of wiping up the little things each day, your house will stay clean and look great to each potential home buyer that passes through. This attention to detail may be the difference between no offers and an acceptable contract.

Eileen Saunders, Realtor~Tommy Morgan Realtors, 2092 Old Taylor Road, Oxford, MS 38655~662-404-0816 or 662-234-5344. Equal Housing.