A Realtor’s Gardening Project

The Tommy Morgan Realtors Oxford branch office has a vegetable garden.

The branch broker, Sean Hettinger, is the mastermind behind the healthy food activity.

He told me that in Ohio, where he moved here from, a woman in town had planted vegetables along the curb in front of her house when a tree was taken down. The spot was left bare and open, so why not put something useful there?

She grew vegetables and anyone was welcome to take what was ripe.

Back to the TM office, Sean has a view of the parking lot from his desk, and there is a little strip of dirt and weeds across the parking lot between the curb and the retaining wall that holds the parking lot up on the hill. He decided to get rid of the ugly weeds and put something more visually pleasing there. So that is how vegetables and sunflowers began popping up each year in that little strip of dirt.

There isn’t much there right now; just a few remaining late-season brussels sprout plants but he is surely planning the summer garden.

Sean is also our TM branch office resident chef, concocting healthy and creative breakfast meals for our weekly sales meetings. In the summer, though, we can feast on what ever is growing in the garden, so a salad gets added to the breakfast.

Not only do the agents in the branch office benefit from his generous gardening but he lets others in the office park take vegetables home.

I usually break off a couple of the small tomato varieties to snack on, but I’ve taken some squash home, too.

Do you have a small sunny spot at your office or near your home? Plant a garden to share with neighbors, friends and co-workers. Everyone benefits. Enjoy!


Early garden view

Midsummer garden view 1
Midsummer garden view 2
Late summer
Late summer
2020 winter: what’s left of the brussels sprouts
Eileen Saunders, SRES REALTOR with Tommy Morgan Realtors BOF-Oxford 2092 Old Taylor Road #101, Oxford, MS 38655  662-404-0816/662-234-5344 eileen@tmhomes.com


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