Out of this World Property

So you want to buy property but can find anything you can afford.  There is nothing on this great Earth of ours that fits your budget. What do you do?

You could save more money, build, visit your mortgage banker for advice, keep searching or buy something out of this world.

Yes, there are companies around the world that can sell you property on Mars, Venus, one of Jupiter’s moons, our Moon, or somewhere else located in the heavens above.  These include Lunar Embassy, Buy Mars, Moon Estates and more.

I’ve searched around for you already and starting at just $15 (Groupon deal this week, limited time only) you can own an acre of property on Mars. The usual price starts around $35. For other celestial properties you’re looking at $99. You get a map, deed, photos, and more.

Now, getting there might be a little difficult.  It won’t be an easy commute so you have to keep looking here on  Earth for a realistic place to live. You’ll have to plan ahead for travel and weekend getaways might be out of the question until further technological advances in transportation (like “Beam me up, Scotty”) are made but, through one 045company, you can purchase an extraterrestrial passport to use once you lock in your ride.

Is this legal? Well, you can check out the legal basis for the ability to sell space property on the Lunar Embassy website.  It’s an interesting story.

Purchase directly from these companies, if you wish. They do not use real estate agents. However, if you want to look at property in Mississippi, North Mississippi specifically, give me a call.

You know the phrase “I’ll give you the moon”? Well, here’s a way to give someone the moon, or part of it. What a great Valentine’s Day gift.

Disclosure: I am not an affiliate of any company mentioned in this article. I am a licensed real estate professional in Mississippi.

Eileen Saunders, REALTOR® with Tommy Morgan REALTORS®, 2092 Old Taylor Road, Suite 101, Oxford MS 38655. 662-404-0816 | 662-234-5344 Equal Housing



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