Thank A Mail Carrier Day 2016

Moving can be an exhausting activity. There are too many things to do but one is most important of all: changing your mailing address with the post office.

As soon as you have a move out day or a closing date and the contingencies on your sales contract are removed, go ahead and change your mailing address.  Whether you arrive at your destination by that date or not, you’ll want your mail there waiting for you, not the other way around.  How frustrating for you to have your mail go to the “old” address and then have to wait for it to be forwarded to you by the new owners, if they are kind enough to do that.

The new home owner should write “not at this address” or something similar on your mail and send it back to the post office. The post office will then forward it to you but you will have to have a forwarding order  placed with the post office for that to occur.

If you get mail at your new residence for the previous owners, please be kind and forward their mail along.

Change of address can be done for free at the post office on a form or online at for a small convenience fee.

Then stick a nice note into your mailbox today to say “THANKS” to the guy or gal that delivers all of your bills, catalogs, birthday cards and online purchases.  Today is, after all, Thank A Mail Carrier Day.

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