Stormy Weather

Bad weather is forecasted for today in Mississippi. You can read about it here.

With the tornadoes that hit south of Holly Springs last month still fresh in our minds, it’s a good time to plan your property for winds and heavy rain this Spring.

First, if you don’t have a shelter or access to a neighborhood shelter, find a spot in your house that is low to the ground and in the center of your house. If it happens to be a closet, clean it out now so that you and your family can climb in and hunker down if necessary. There is no time to clean closets in an emergency.

Courtesy of Creative Commons

Once you have that place, it’s a good idea to have a weather radio stored in there. You can purchase the wind-up, no-battery necessary kind so you don’t have to think about batteries.  There are other options so shop around, but don’t procrastinate.

If you have extra pillows, store them in that closet so you will have protection for your head and face if needed.  Also, be sure to keep shoes handy.  If you are unfortunate to have your house struck by damaging winds, it will be easier to walk around with shoes, than with bare feet.

If you do have a shelter, clean it out. It should not be a storage area. It could save your life but not if you can’t fit into it. If you have space and have to store anything, keep water, flashlights, shoes, jacket for each person using it.

One thing my family does is this: if we know bad weather is forecasted, we put the family binder (important papers) in our saferoom. We keep glasses, wallets, car/house keys and at least one laptop handy to take inside with us.  Why the laptop? Well, we backup our computers to the cloud. If the house gets damaged along with our computers, we can always access our files and photos. I’ll write about the family binder and the cloud in another article.

Keep a weather-alert app on your phone. I have several: WeatherBug, Weather Channel, Simple Weather are a few I am currently using. I suggest keeping no less than two on your phone. One may not pick up an alert quickly and you will want to know ASAP if something is coming.  There are settings for severe weather, tornadoes, flood watches and warnings. You decide what you need.

Second, look outside your house. Do you have dead trees in the yard? Light-weight loose furniture? Things scattered about? Have these cleaned up for the spring.  These issues have potential for causing damage when an otherwise high wind on its own might not.

Third, look at your roof. Are any shingles missing? Are any shingles loose?  Have these repaired/replaced quickly. Water damage to your house can be costly so take preventative measures.

These are just a few things you can do to prepare for stormy weather. Be safe.

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