Home Owners with Car Insurance

February 1st is “Car Insurance Day” so let’s talk about your coverage.

If you own an house and also have car insurance, you may want to look into an umbrella policy.

What an umbrella policy does is cover you for excess amounts if you are in an accident and someone is suing you for damages.  If you don’t have the money to pay, should the suit be decided against you, your house might be in the cross hairs as a way to pay what you owe.

Rather than potentially lose your house, the umbrella policy would cover $1 million or more in damages, depending on the coverage you purchase.  It is not something you can get after the fact, so be proactive. Call your insurance company today to find out more about it.

Disclaimer: I am not an insurance authority. I simply want to pass on information that might be helpful. It is your decision to either purchase or not to purchase an umbrella policy. I am not liable for your decisions. Consult your insurance specialist for more information.

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