Sign Ordinance Proposed for Oxford MS

Eileen Saunders, REALTOR with Tommy Morgan REALTORS
2092 Old Taylor Road, Oxford MS 38655
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Equal Housing

The following is the opinion of Eileen Saunders, REALTOR

Homeowners, business owners and anyone doing business in Oxford, MS: a proposed law by the City Council will negatively affect your rights so please read on.

A hearing is scheduled on February 2 at 5pm in the courtroom at City Hall for a proposed ordinance relating to signs that everyone needs to attend.

Homeowners, rental property owners, and landowners will be hindered from properly selling their property if this becomes law.

Business owners will be hindered from promoting their business.

Residents and business owners will have property rights taken from them.

The ordinance calls for a limit of 365 days that a property can have a temporary sign installed. Once the sign is taken down, whether on the 365th day or any time before, the property cannot have another sign on it for 365 days.

Should your house be for sale or rent, if you do not sell or rent within 365 days (which happens) you have to take down your sign and wait another 365 days to putting it back up.  You can’t put up a different sign. You can’t put up any sign, even your kid’s Oxford High School (OHS) sign.  Now, in the case of real estate, you may apply for a 90-day extension but you need a good reason for the extension and it may not be granted. So your house or property goes un-signed and your REALTOR cannot do his or her fiduciary duty for the sale of your house or land.

If you just had a contractor’s sign or and OHS sign or Ole Miss sign in your yard, you may not be able to put a political sign in your yard during campaign season if you’ve met your 365 day.  This is a free speech issue. It’s a property rights issue.

Restaurants with menu boards will lose out too.  Only 365 days, then you have to wait another 365 to put it back out on the sidewalk.  Those flag signs are included in this.

This ordinance affects anyone with a city water hookup.

Lafayette County residents should take note, too, because the city can annex your part of the county sometime in the future and then your property would be included in this law. This ordinance affects everyone: those who live and work in Oxford and those who do business in Oxford; those who would one day to own a house or condo in Oxford. It will also affect everyone around the country. If Oxford can pass a law like this, it sets a precedent and other towns, cities, counties and states around the U.S. can pass a law like this.

Click this link for a copy of the City Sign Ordinance. I encourage all citizens of Oxford and Lafayette County and those who do business within Oxford to attend the meeting next Tuesday  and express your opposition to this. Voting by our Alderman may or may not take place on this date, but it is important for everyone to express their view.

The City Council meeting is Tuesday  at 5pm in the Courtroom of City Hall.  Please plan to attend and voice your opposition.

I’m encouraging my friends and readers to oppose this proposal because I believe that it will hinder your rights as a property owner to pursue the disposition of your property and the right to choose who will represent you in the disposition of your property.  It will hinder your rights to share with others the businesses you have chosen to hire to do work around your house. It will hinder your rights to express your support for your high school, a charity, or political candidate.

As a REALTOR, my duties to you, the seller, are compromised by this law. As a business owner, my abilities to advertise for my clients are restrained. If you are a business owner, you too need to consider how this may affect you.

I oppose this proposed ordinance and I believe you should, too.

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