Homestead Exemption In Mississippi

If you bought a home in Mississippi during 2015 you can save on your local taxes by filing for Homestead Exemption.  Your home needs to be your primary residence to qualify. If you have two or more homes you can only claim one for your primary residence even if one or more are in another state.  Contact your local tax office if you have more questions about this.  In Lafayette County the phone number is 662.234.5562

When you bought your home, you may have been made aware of the current tax amount and that Homestead Exemption had been filed for. This would have been on the MLS details and given to you at and prior to closing.  As a new owner you will need to file for yourself to continue the exemption, otherwise your taxes will go up and you will have to wait until the next cycle to file which is always January 1 to April 1.  If you have any questions please call your local tax assessor’s office.

Once you file for Homestead Exemption you don’t have to do it again. However there are 3 reasons you would need to:

  • If you have already filed for homestead exemption and during the previous year turned 65,
  • or became 100% disabled

For these two reasons you would recieve a Special Exemption, saving you more money.  The third reason is

  • you sold your house and moved to another

Click here for information about property taxes in Mississippi. A phone number is provided on this link if you have more questions.

When you file for homestead exemption you must file in person and you will need to take documention relating to your home and your car and have a state-issued ID with you. Below is a detail of what you will need or click here for a printable version:  Homestead info 2016 Oxford


Homestead info 2016 Oxford-page-001

Disclaimer: I am not a tax professional and this article is for information purposes only.  The tax office in your county is the best source of information regarding tax issues that affect  you and if you have any questions or doubts to the validity of this article, please call them.

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