Home Inspection and HVAC Issues

One thing I run into a lot with home inspections involves the A/C.

If you are selling your home and get an offer you’ve accepted, make sure you change your A/C filter before the home inspector arrives.  This might save you a lot of money.  Here’s why: the inspector will arrive at your house and adjust the air conditioning or heat and take a reading. Then he or she will go outside and inspect and come inside and inspect. Most likely, the last thing that is checked is the temperature inside the house. If it has not heated or cooled to the inspector’s delight, you will have to call either an HVAC contractor or your home warranty company to have the heating and cooling system repaired.

Chances are, if the filter is dirty, that is the problem and you just bought a $70 filter (or more depending on what your HVAC contractor charges).  Now sometimes there really is something wrong with your system and you really need a professional to come by and repair it for the new owners.  But if it is just the filter, you’ve just spent your money unwisely.

Moral to the story: change your HVAC filter regularly AND change it before the home inspector arrives.

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