Home Owners Association

For some home buyers, a home in a community with an Home Owners Association (HOA) is ideal.

The rules provide a security for the homeowner with regards to appearance of the neighborhood, tolerated landscaping, exterior house color choices, pet rules, street and yard parking, noise, and much more. HOAs work hard to keep the quality of life in the neighborhood and the value of the homes at, what they consider, their best. An HOA, with an active board can be a homeowner’s best friend.hoa-board-meeting-clip-art-1884232

But, not all home buyers look at the HOA rules before they close on a new home.  Some are shocked at the rules, while others start out as a homeowner unintentionally breaking the rules.

In Oxford, as in many towns, you will find HOA rules and guidelines stating the following:

Pet rules: Your community may or may not have leash laws but the HOA can have additional rules. These may include that all pets must be on leashes. This includes cats.  Pet rules may also include the type of pet that is not allowed in the neighborhood. For example, some may not allow Pitbulls.

Parking rules: There may be no long-term on-street parking allowed, except for guests, or maybe not even guests.  You may have to use your garage and driveway for your car, your spouse’s car and each of your children’s cars.

Architectural: There may be standards for your landscaping. For example, all gardens must use a particular mulch, every house must have a particular tree by the street, all mailboxes are standard, houses must have a standard lampost that remains on 24/7.  There are also standards for paint color, fences, driveways, shutters and more.

Renting: In Oxford, homeowners know that a football weekend is a money maker, IF you can rent your home for the weekend to a family or group of die-hard Ole Miss football fans.  Homeowners that can rent their homes for the weekend may be able to earn a month’s mortgage payment in just 3 days.  But, many HOA rules prohibit this.  Other HOA rules prohibit annual leasing.  Be sure to read the HOA rules if you are purchasing a home that you want to lease to families or students.

These are just an example of what you might find in the HOA rules. When buying a house, always request a copy of the HOA rules before you make an offer.

Eileen Saunders, REALTOR(r)~ Tommy Morgan Inc. REALTORS(r), 2092 Old Taylor Road, Oxford, MS 38655~662-404-0816 or 662-234-5344~Equal Housing


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