Whether you are buying or selling, you want to work with a REALTOR you can trust.  You have confidential information, unique needs and personal property you want kept safe.

Interviewing a REALTOR is a great idea.  Put some important questions and concerns on paper, call a few REALTORS in the area and set a time with each one to interview.  Find out what they can do for you.

Not all REALTORS are the same and you will want one that you feel comfortable telling your confidential information to.  You will want a REALTOR that will put you first and do what it takes to sell your home, business or land or find you something new.

Moving out of town or out of state? You may not know a REALTOR where you are moving to, but certainly know one in your current city.  Ask for a referral.  Brokers and agents have a network around the country and can find you a qualified and motivated REALTOR in the town you are heading.  Don’t be afraid to ask.

Need a REALTOR?  Contact me at 662-404-0816 or use the form below.  I will tell you how hard I will work for you.  I can also find you a REALTOR out of town.

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Eileen P. Saunders, Realtor
Tommy Morgan, Inc., Realtors
2092 Old Taylor Rd., Suite 101
Oxford, MS 38655
662-234-5344, 662-404-0816

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